Authors Engaging Students



One of the goals of Greensboro Bound is to bring authors into Guilford County schools. Interaction with authors sparks interest in both reading and writing for students. In 2018, Greensboro Bound signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Guilford County Schools to do just that.  For 2018, we project 15 authors in 32 schools, bringing the magic of reading to more than 10,000 students.



Students are full of questions and are engaged both by the books and the experiences of the authors. Authors can talk with students about why and how they write, where their ideas come from, and how to get them down on paper. Readings by authors are found to be very effective in getting students interested in reading and developing a passion for reading.



Guilford County Schools Library Media Services, led by Director Tammy Gruer, aids all 128 Guilford County Schools in developing and deploying programs that engage students in reading, working with Greensboro Bound to bring authors to schools across the Guilford County system.



We have a strategic partnership to identify schools that want authors and bring them to GCS students.  Since February, we’ve had five authors at 10 schools, and project 10 more authors at 22 more Guilford County schools throughout 2018.