Our Resident Artists for #GreensboroBound19

Our Resident Artists for #GreensboroBound19

In its second year, Greensboro Bound has launched a Resident Artists program designed to bring together literature and visual arts. Greensboro Bound’s resident artists will circulate among festival participants on Saturday, May 18, creating work that reflects the spirit and energy of the festival. Festival participants will have the opportunity to witness the artists as they work and interact with them as they conduct their projects.

In coordination with local partners in the arts—Elsewhere and the Center for Visual Artists—Greensboro Bound has selected the artists in residence for the inaugural year of the program: Burlington-based artist Hannah Barnhardt, and Greensboro-based photographer RJ Hooker.

Hannah Barnhardt is a visual artist working in illustrations, sketches, watercolor, and photographs. Her ongoing reportage project is based in the creation of live drawings. “I collect a lot of material for illustrative work from observing the world and drawing scenes like a reporter,” says Barnhart. For the festival, Barnhardt will produce large-format work that creates a real-time response to panel presentations.

RJ Hooker is a photographer whose work blends a documentary approach with close portraiture. Says Hooker, “I’m interested in amassing and displaying a record of direct, black and white portraits that speak to the diversity and humanity of Greensboro.” Hooker intends to work with as many different participants in the festival as possible, from attendees to volunteers to presenters. For his project at Greensboro Bound, Hooker will work in monochrome film and develop exposures through a traditional darkroom process.

Festival participants will have the opportunity to witness Barnhardt and Hooker at work, converse with them about their projects, and become part of their art throughout the full day of programming on Saturday, May 18. The resident artists will be working throughout the festival footprint—look for them at Scuppernong Books, the Triad Stage Cabaret, the International Civil Rights Center & Museum, the Cultural Center, the Greensboro History Museum, and the Greensboro Central Library.