There is always something going on in Greensboro and the weekend of May 18-20 is no exception.

In addition to Greensboro Bound programming, here some additional activities we think might interest you.

FLYIN’ WEST by Pearl Cleage
Presented by Scrapmettle Entertainment Group and The Drama Center at City Arts
May 17 – 19 7:30 pm May 20 3:30 pm
Caldcleugh 1700 Orchard Street Greensboro, NC 27406

After the Civil War, many former slaves, anxious to leave the south and avoiding the dangers of Reconstruction, went west under the Homestead Act to build new lives. Many were black women who overcame tremendous odds to work their own land and make a place for themselves. Set in 1898, Flyin’ West is the story of African-American female pioneers who settled their own land, built their lives together and became their sisters keepers in the all-black town of Nicodemus, Kansas.

Playwright and author Pearl Cleage will be joining Greensboro Bound for our Memoir/Biography panel at 2 pm on Saturday, May 19.

For more information, and to buy tickets, click here.

Opens May 19 at the Greensboro History Museum
130 Summit Ave.

Greensboro History Museum’s phenomenal, newly created installation space investigates the sounds and sensations of typewriting. Take part in hands-on activities on vintage typewriters. Plus, see typewriters owned by Maya Angelou, Ernest Hemingway, John Lennon and others from the Soboroff Typewriter Collection on view through August 19.

For More information, click here.

a fine art photography exhibition featuring the work of Regina DeLuise, Mary Ellen Bartley, and Curt Richter
Greensboro Project Space 219 W. Lewis Street May 18 – 23
Opening Reception Saturday, May 19 5:30 pm


Regina DeLuise

Drawn to the ineffable and the curious nature of the real, Regina DeLuise explores the visual complexities of contemporary experience through interiors, still life, portraiture and landscape photography. She is moved by the power of the photographic image and its uncanny ability to embody the depth and richness of the human experience. Her images reveal a great love of the medium, the recognition of light, circumstance, and a need to roam toward the unknown.

Mary Ellen Bartley

“Mary Ellen Bartley has a legacy of considering books. Her new project, Reading Grey Gardens is her fifth project focusing on the book as object, following Reading Robert Wilson, Library Copies, Standing Open, Paperbacks, and Standing Open. Her new project was found close to home on the tip of Long Island, when she learned that the books of the Beale family’s Grey Gardens have survived over the years. Her documentation of their library not only reflects personal history but also the interesting connections between book titles and the owner’s unique lifestyle.” -Lenscratch

Read about the Reading Grey Gardens series here.

Curt Richter

Thousand Words: Portraits from the Key West Literary Seminar is Richter’s latest collection of writers’ portraits. Among the renowned novelists, poets, and essayists included are Margaret Atwood, Michael Cunningham, Geoff Dyer, Adam Gopnik, Karen Russell, George Saunders, and Gore Vidal, to name a few.

“Curt’s the only photographer I’ve ever met who could actually talk.” – Pat Conroy