Authors Engaging Students

Authors Engaging Students (AES) is an ongoing program of Greensboro Bound that brings authors to Guilford County schools. In 2018, our first year, authors presented to 5885 students and Greensboro Bound donated more than 500 books by participating authors to Guilford County Schools. Our 2019 target is to have authors present to at least 10,500 students.

A goal of AES is to bring authors to Title 1 schools, i.e. schools where at least 40% of the students come from low-income families. Title 1 schools represented 68% of the AES schools in 2018.

AES is fueled by a formal partnership with Guilford County Schools (GCS) Library Media Services (LMS). The partnership has three key elements: 1) Greensboro Bound identifies authors who speak in our schools. 2) GCS LMS identifies schools that want to host authors. 3) Greensboro Bound gifts 10 books to each school an author visits.

AES was founded with the goal of sparking a love of reading in students. A love of reading is a key to life-long learning. And pedagogical studies have found that author presentations are incredibly effective in exciting students. Authors not only tell the story. They also tell the story behind the story. After listening to Tilda Balsley at Ceasar Cone Elementary, one young lady asserted, “Before today, I never knew I could be an author.  Now I know I can be an author, too!”